Why You Must Consider Installing Veeam Backup?

Why You Must Consider Installing Veeam Backup?

Microsoft 365 Veeam backup solution offers you sense of safety that you will not lose control and access over your important data. You can keep your data accessible and protected anywhere you want. However, before you plan to backup the data, first you will need to install the Veeam Backup for Ms 365 on your system.

What’s Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365?

Veeam Microsoft Office 365 back allows you mitigate risk of losing an access to the email data as well as helps to make sure data accessibility to the Office 365 users. It helps the organizations to comply with the requirements, policies, and regulations because of the long-term archival, functional search & granular restore abilities.

This solution can also be used for backing up hybrid and cloud environments and migrate email data between on-premises and exchange organizations.

Veeam Office 365 Shared Model

Office’s service just ensures that data is accessible in the usable form. Their primary responsibility is uptime of their service. It can be achieved through one data center to another geo-redundancy.

User’s main responsibility is to maintain access as well as control of the data that stays in Microsoft Office 365. This will be achieved only through the backup solution offering granular level recovery & point-in-time options.

Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure-level security that includes logical, physical, and application-level safety, whereas user retains liability for internal & external data securities.

Office 365 and Responsibilities Shared

It is a crucial point to address as many companies not only expect Microsoft Office to protect their entirety of data in M365, but also find it’s Microsoft’s responsibility of doing it in a first place. In fact, division between Microsoft responsibilities and end user’s responsibilities will be very clear and concise. The primary liability of Microsoft in context of the cloud data is offering the constant uptime with the high availability.