Why Does Cannabis Detox From THC?

Why Does Cannabis Detox From THC?

There are many misconceptions about cannabis and its effect on your body. But is it true that cannabis can be toxic to your system? Or does it simply leave you feeling relaxed and happy for days at a time?


To answer these questions, we have put together this article to shed some light on the subject of thc detox kit. In this article, you’ll learn why your body needs time to recover from THC, what happens when you don’t let it do so, and how different strains of marijuana can affect the process. We’ll also go over how THC can build up in your system and how long the effects of marijuana last once your body has processed the THC.


If you’ve smoked pot before, you were probably aware of the “coming down” process. One minute you’re laughing at a stupid joke that isn’t funny, and then you suddenly start to feel a little dizzy. The next thing you know, your head is pounding, and you lack the energy to do anything. Whatever happened to that feeling of being high and invincible? Welcome back to sobriety. You’ve officially come down from your high.


Detoxing from THC

There are several ways your body can remove THC from your system, depending on how much you smoke and how often. Smoking more significant amounts more often will put more strain on the liver (your body’s detox center), and it’ll take longer for your body to recover.


The first two weeks after you’ve smoked marijuana, you may have very little in the way of symptoms. This is because the effects of the THC haven’t yet registered with your body, or they haven’t registered with your brain. It can be kind of hard to determine which it is – because both might be true at some points during this period.


If you smoke when you’re already intoxicated, the drug can overpower your body’s ability to process it. This is one reason why doing so can be dangerous – it might make you want to take more just to keep the experience going. And that’s not always a good idea if you’re smoking with friends – especially if they’ve been smoking for a while and have developed a tolerance.


The effect of cannabis on things like your mood, perception, and state of mind will probably be immediately apparent. Other physical products may not come to light until after a few hours, depending on how much you smoke and what high you are experiencing. The physical effects of smoking marijuana can range from typical “stoner” symptoms like red eyes and a slight decrease in physical coordination to more serious symptoms like paranoia, anxiety, and an increased heart rate.