When to use quartz paint: characteristics and methods of application

When to use quartz paint: characteristics and methods of application

Quartz paint is composed of quartz microgranules, synthetic resins and water. It is easy to apply and can be safely used to whitewash external or internal walls; it is in fact very resistant, as well as breathable and water repellent handyman near me in Olympia.

It is able to ensure homogeneous whitening even on walls that have some imperfections or on walls generally attacked by harmful agents. It therefore becomes the ideal paint for those humid environments or for external walls that require a paint resistant to atmospheric agents and the most extreme temperatures.

As we have already anticipated, this paint is very easy to apply and can also be used on previously whitewashed walls. It has excellent coverage and can be used on various types of surfaces, such as concrete, wood and plaster.

It does not require particular application precautions and thanks to its characteristics it is adaptable to any context and environment.

For a correct application, carefully follow the instructions on the package. Usually we do not recommend the application on foggy and rainy days as the humidity present in the environment could compromise the final yield of the product.

In this regard, we remind you that the ideal application temperature ranges from 5 to 35 degrees. The quartz paint must be diluted, generally at 20/30%, with water following the instructions on the package; it can be applied with either a roller or a brush . For a second coat it is advisable to wait for the first coat to dry completely, then about 8-10 hours.

Why use quartz paint: the yield and advantages of this paint

The advantages of quartz paint are numerous:

resistant: its particular composition ensures a protective barrier;

resistant to UV rays and the most extreme temperatures: therefore, it guarantees optimal and homogeneous coloring even with the passing of the seasons;

extremely homogeneous: it allows an optimal application of the color and is able to fill the imperfections and irregularities of any surface;

it washes easily: it is therefore suitable for those environments that tend to get dirty easily, such as kitchens, environments inhabited by animals but also children’s bedrooms or bathrooms;

water repellent and highly breathable;

easy to apply, it allows a fast and perfect application.