What’s the Best Wide Angle Lens?

What’s the Best Wide Angle Lens?

As a professional photographer, I can have a truth unit say that sometimes I can not see trees for trees and fixed the next generation of a new lens with a faster “it” and “it” and for a few weeks he comforts the feeling that it definitely diminishes.

Photographers tend to be “dog tools”, but sometimes you have to use what you have and do not apologize that you will not get the hit but if you are the new “X” you want!

When I travel, I can not get all the tools I want:

I do not match the size of the small baggage requirements currently used by airlines.

I can never face this every day.

But overall, this might be good because you are trying to think about what to take, and more importantly, what you can do without. I had times when I photograph the landscape in the middle of nowhere and I want to be taken with X-kit, but it is possible to bypass the lack of 99% of the time. Either by better technique or a position of displacement, I would rarely have to compromise a certain shot due to a lack of kit.

Learning to use the equipment you prefer often means that you do not need the extra equipment needed.

Best Wide Angle Lens


What happens if the wide-angle lens is not enough for shooting? – The result, learn to get a panorama where you can use the pictures together. Since wide angle lens appear to distort, it’s slide is usually about 50 mm, so your wide-angle lens will be useful in this situation.

Did not you recover your tripod for prolonged exposure? – Earnings, learn a better camera treatment with a strong position, which means you can keep the handle to lower the shutter speed or understand how the temporarily proactive cameras of what you have in your coat, pocket jacket.

A superb projection can take you far, and it begins to deepen your learning, not only in the camera but in photography in general. The more you understand the process of why things happen, the more you understand whether they are used to your advantage or not (ie, camera shakes at slow shutter speeds, no landscape, but potentially useful for triggered action). As a party, this also makes you a better photographer, and be honest, who can not find it useful?