What are the basics of Pokemon Go?

What are the basics of Pokemon Go?

Pokemon, unlike more traditional American KidKraft toys, is a Japanese media franchise that, since its inception in 1996, has been known worldwide in the form of video games, TV shows, figures, and card games that children enjoy. of all the world. Every kid in the world probably ever played or wanted to play Pokemon! The Pokémon universe revolves around 649 fictional species called Pokémon, in which there are “trainers”, people who train these creatures to help them and, most importantly, fight other creatures with other trainers. The pokemon go accounts Trading Card series adapts to this concept in that each “card” is a creature that a child can control to fight against other children’s cards.

Players will play a Pokémon card on the field and use their attacks to reduce the opponent’s HP (life points or health points), while keeping their card alive and reflecting attacks from other users on their own. When the HP of a Pokemon card is reduced to 0, it is eliminated, and the player who removed it takes a prize card in her hand. A player can win in three ways: by collecting six prize cards if her opponent has no more Pokémon on the field, or if her opponent has no cards left to draw from her deck. At the start of the draw, players shuffle their decks and draw seven cards. The player’s hand must have at least the basic Pokémon tone, and if not, the player must shuffle and redraw, and the opponent can take an additional card. If both players have at least one base card, they will both play at least one, possibly several base cards on the field of play. One in the “active” place and five on the bench. In this case, 6 additional cards, taken from the top of the player’s deck and set aside as her “prize cards”. Players will flip a coin to see who comes first.

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The player has several alternatives in what she can do on her turn. They can play new base Pokémon, evolve to a higher Pokémon level, play trainer cards, play energy (one per turn, required to use attacks), use Pokémon’s non-attack abilities, and also retreat from their active Pokémon. At the end of each turn, a player can use an active Pokémon attack, depending on the amount and type of energy attached to that Pokémon. The effects of this attack are activated and the damage of the Pokémon is caused by damage or offensive effects. If the amount of damage dealt exceeds the defending Pokémon’s HP, the Pokémon is discarded along with all the cards associated with that Pokémon and are considered “knocked out.” It is at this time that the active player can take a prize card, and her turn ends. As with any card game, the card’s personal effects override the rules of the game.