Try to know details about the data loss

Try to know details about the data loss

Microsoft 365 is the fastest-growing product in Microsoft history, with no signs of slowing anytime soon. The subscription service has aided in the move to remote work by giving online access to business-critical apps including as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and SharePoint. In reality, firms who do not have their own backup strategy for Microsoft 365 put themselves at danger. Among the most typical reasons of data loss in the cloud include accidental deletions, rewritten data, account deactivation, migration issues, app corruption, and hostile assaults. So, you need to know about veeam

Taking the Lead

To overcome such dangers, you will need a cloud backup solution that includes all of the safeguards you’d put in place for on-premises systems. Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 includes all of these features and more. The complete solution enables you to back up Microsoft 365 data securely to any place, whether on-premises, with a service provider, or on a separate cloud instance. The solution gives customers more control over their Microsoft 365 data and protects them from inadvertent deletion, security concerns, and holes in retention policies. With effective e-discovery capabilities, it also meets numerous legal and compliance concerns.

Try to know details about the data loss

The solution’s most recent version backs up data up to 30 times quicker than prior versions, lowering backup windows from hours to minutes and seconds. Multifactor authentication is now utilised to increase security, and improved data protection reports enable you to detect risky mailboxes and monitor licencing and storage consumption more efficiently.

Team Security

Veeam has also integrated purpose-built backup and recovery for Microsoft Teams, the team communication hub that combines group chat, video conferencing, storage, file-sharing, and other features in a unified platform to enable scattered employees stay connected.

Teams, on the other hand, is not a standalone application; rather, it serves as an abstraction layer that collects data from multiple Microsoft applications, resulting in a data-rich environment that includes everything from text messages to video, images, voice recordings, data files and folders, emails, and contact lists. Backup has always been difficult since this data is dispersed throughout the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Users can back up and recover Teams data more easily than ever before with veeam Backup for Microsoft 365. Veeam can access information from all sources inside M365 to determine which data points are linked with which groups or channels thanks to close integration with a new Microsoft interface. This enables the automated backup and recovery of all Teams channels, settings, permissions, apps, and tabs, as well as the data contained inside them.

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