Top Checklist to Look at When Buying Used Car

Top Checklist to Look at When Buying Used Car

With an emergence of a wide range of cars in the market, there is an increase in number of cars on-road. Many new vehicles are available with very good offers and deals, and even used cars are available at the budget rates. With higher accessibility and choice, buyers might find it a bit confusing to choose the right Used Cars in San Diego. In this article, we will take a look at the used cars and top things to look for:


The tyres condition of the car, its life as well as nature of wear should be checked out in detail. Uneven and improper tyre wear states that there is the high chance of the misalignment of tyres. Make sure you check each tyre no matter whether it is original or retreaded as cost of the new tyre will be very high. So, you have to ensure you check it properly!


The battery condition is one important thing that you need to consider before determining the final cost to pay, since it is again a high cost product item. So, make sure you keep all these important details in mind and check for residue on the car battery.

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The condition of car body & upholstery and paint should be checked thoroughly. Many times long use of cars causes the formation of rust in your body and under-chassis. Furthermore, any dents, repainting and deep scratches are hints for some serious damage & necessitate the complete investigation at your end.

Why You Must Consider Certified Used Cars?

Buying the certified second-hand car will be one wise decision as it generally offers you an additional quality assurance. Every manufacturer has got diverse standards for the certified vehicles; however they are generally less than 5 years old & other important criteria’s. Normally, dealer has checked major systems & reconditioned the car. But, there are many dealers that provide such vehicles with warranties, so you must ensure you find the right dealer.

Final Words

The new car depreciates faster than the second-hand cars and that is where you will gain. Highest depreciation happens in first year of the new vehicle that is 40%, when used extensively.