A Day in the Life of Richelieu Dennis, Co-Founder of Sundial Brands

The cosmetics tycoon is working to make the corporate world more welcoming to women. The market for black natural hair and skin care has long been controlled by the FAMILY-RUN company Sundial Brands. From a tiny enterprise selling handmade soap on Harlem street corners, co-founder Richelieu Dennis built Sundial, which includes top-selling brands SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage, into a firm […]

What exactly is outsourcing and why do firms outsource?

Outsourcing occurs when a firm contracts with a company outside of its organisation for services and labour rather than hiring staff, building factories, or controlling its supply chain. Companies can outsource their business processes either domestically (onshore) or internationally (offshore). Companies who outsource to low-cost countries can save money on labour and take advantage of tax breaks. Offshore outsourcing can […]