Looking at the Different Kinds of Hot Water System Available

Buying a hot water system isn’t something that you do quite often, hence if you want to replace your current hot water heater, then make sure you do it in a right way. Suppose you are looking for the water heater for home or office, then make sure you buy hot water system that fits your and your family needs and budget.

Tankless type of water system

Different Kinds of Water Heater System

It’s good to know that there are different kinds of the hot water system available before buying one, let us check out all of them here:

  • Tankless type of water system heat water straight without any use of the storage tank
  • Conventional water heaters provide a storage tank of the hot water
  • Solar water heaters make use of sun’s heat for giving hot water
  • Tankless coil & indirect hot water heaters make use of home’s space heating to heat water

Energy Efficiency

Doesn’t matter what type of fuel source you select, the water heater is a third biggest energy consuming product in your house. Thus, you have to choose the new unit, which is energy efficient. Luckily, most of the new hot water system available has the high degree of the energy efficiency and meet energy standards.

Make sure you look for Energy Factor rating available on the unit. The rating measures how rightly the unit converts energy in heat or how much heat gets lost during the storage. Higher its energy factor, more efficient will be water heater.