Know About Pastor Norman Quintero

Know About Pastor Norman Quintero

Norman Quintero is known as a psychotherapist, real estate broker and he describes himself as a pastor also. He has too many charges against him. A lady claims that she had a physical relationship with him which was forceful. She means to say that she did not agree to the relationship and that it was against her will. The relationship continued for four long years and when the relationship came to an end, she also stopped working for him. The lady said that Pastor Norman Quintero is a fake person.

The affidavit submitted by the lady says that her family in Mexico was threatened. He kept on visiting the lady’s home and constantly tried to contact her over text messages. Being so much frustrated the lady posted on social media stating that he is a fake prophet. She also wanted everyone to know the truth. She didn’t want anyone to fall into his trap of calling himself a pastor.

Pastor Norman Quintero

Crimes he committed

Quintero has many previous criminal records, of which he claims that he is not guilty. One of those major issues that he faced is that there were more than 35 complaints lodged against him, saying that he had slyly represented himself as an attorney. He took hundreds and thousands of dollars as his fees. It would still be logical if would help people advance their cases, but no. there used to be negligible advancement in the cases. In February 1997, he was made to sign an agreement with the bar of Florida saying that he was not a licensed legal practitioner in Florida and would not do this further. But all in vain. There was no improvement in his behavior. He kept on doing the same thing, then the bar of Florida was compelled to move to the Florida High Court, where they asked for an order against him.

Issues he faced

Another issue faced by Pastor Norman Quintero is that he came into an agreement with his associates in relation to selling and purchasing a property. He had all the access to testing and checking the property. Eventually, he failed to fulfill the terms of sale and purchase. As a result of which he was asked to vacate the property but he refused to do so. He stayed in the building claiming that he had made many advancements in the building. The Judge further rejected the claims as Quintero was not able to present any pieces of evidence.

There are so many such incidents that put a question on Quintero being a pastor. One doesn’t have enough pieces of evidence of him being a good human being.