How to promote a healthy brain, Asks NPA

How to promote a healthy brain, Asks NPA

A healthy brain is equal to a healthy body.

Even if you maintain a good physique, it is imperative to keep your brain health in top condition. Why?

Because the brain is similar to a muscle that should be in regular use, otherwise, it gets wasted. It helps you with cognitive skills and the ability to learn, understand, and judge. It assists in language recognition/communication. It is the storehouse of our memories.

Medical practitioners have very aptly named the phenomenon ‘Brain-dead.” If a person’s brain-health is extremely bad then, the person is nothing but a walking corpse. The brain acts like a powerhouse that sends functional/activity signals to the entire body while controlling all the nerves.

It is no wonder that all the words like intelligent, active, alert, wise, smart, and quick learner often used to describe the positive qualities of a person are associated with the brain.

Professional organizations like the National Police Association have recognized the importance of promoting brain-health among their officers because their profession demands them to be on high alert at all times.

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Let us understand what is needed to promote brain health:

  • Stress: Disrupted hormonal balance, stress during a trauma, post-traumatic stress are all different forms of stress that can lead to chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. We can avoid them by making lifestyle changes and keep our body and mind healthy.
  • Sleep: Universally, it is undoubtedly the best remedy for several diseases and health concerns. Yes. Sleep works the best on human body and there is no comparison too. It is the time during which the body takes rest. Sleep helps reduce stress and rejuvenates us. It helps us stay controlled and calm, keeps the heart-healthy, increases immunity, maintains blood pressure and improves memory.
  • Diet: We should eat a well-balanced diet by including foods rich in vitamins and minerals like omega fatty acids. Consuming naturally produced foods like grains, nuts, fish, fruits, and green vegetables provide wholesome nourishment.
  • Exercise: No matter what age we are, exercising should be an important part of our everyday routine. Physical activities like walking, jogging, games, and yoga control the risk of heart diseases, maintain body weight, and help manage blood sugar/insulin levels. They improve mental health, strengthen bones and muscles, and promote good sleep.
  • Mental activity: Exercising the brain is also a high priority. We should keep our brain alert and active with crosswords, Sudoku, logic and analysis puzzles, and memory games. It is like cross-training the brain to be more effective and focused.

Officials of the National Police Association introduce a 360 degree holistic approach towards health that includes detoxification at regular intervals, avoiding substance abuse, , using natural remedies , drinking lots of water, eating a good variety of fruits and vegetables, going for regular body massages physical activity stress management and sufficient sleep.