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First Media publisher to hit 100 Billion views

First Media publisher to hit 100 Billion views

When it comes to media of any form, people working in it are more concerned about the views and likes. Today, social media has become the next big thing. The impact that it has currently will stay for many years to come. With many people coming out with their interests, it is only imperative for them to rely on social media platforms to create content that will be useful.

In the list of platforms that give full freedom to the people, YouTube stands first. It is a video publishing platform that allows people to develop content that they like and which will also follow the platform’s guidelines.

How to earn with online media?

With YouTube reaching the top notion in the past few years, it has also become a huge opportunity for people to earn income as well. The views help them to earn as much and as little as they can. For the same, people create with words that will attract more audience. For the same, it is important to know the target group audience so that they can continue with the work.

TheSoul Publishing has become the first digital media firm to reach 100 billion views on YouTube. It is an achievement in itself and no other channel has been able to reach this milestone all these years. This proves the quality of videos that they post on the platform. Once it is accepted by the audience, then there is no turning back.

Posting videos

How did they reach the views?

  • It is a combined view count from all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, and others.
  • To reach this, any firm should be open enough to be transparent and have an account on all the online platforms.
  • This view is also from the start of the pandemic till 2021.
  • It means people have been into YouTube and other media during the pandemic period.
  • TheSoul Publishing content mostly involves attractive designs and animation of engaging stop motion, compelling craft project videos, and much more.
  • Their statistics speak for themselves as they have reached more than 250 billion watch minutes, and also reached the global audience viewing time of 500,000 years in just 6 months of 2021.

The backbone of these numbers is the effort of the team that is creating exceptional quality videos for the audience worldwide. This will help them move ahead in their game and continue to provide videos on the online platform.