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The world comprises endless opportunities for anyone. But only a few exploit that opportunity and make a difference. Others either lose it or start doing corrupt activities that only benefits them. As the world develops, the opportunities increase and automatically, the corruption increases too. Nowadays, you can see and hear numerous corrupt systems and individuals all over the world. It directly impacts everyone who works with them, and corruption also breaks the trust you have in various services.It affects the growth of a nation’s economy, and it makes all the tax you paid go to waste. Pastor Norman Quintero created a media buzz after being arrested for impersonating an attorney, possessing illegal property and ministry operations.

About Norman Quintero

About Norman Quintero

Norman Quintero was born in 1965 in the islands of Puerto Rico to a Christian family. He studied at the University of Puerto Rico and the owner of two doctorate degrees. He had different professions that he managed at the same time. He was a licensed realtor in California, and he is known to be a local psychotherapist too. He is the anchor of a weekly national TV show and the owner of his Latin radio and TV channels. He also represented Democratic Party in the US elections in 2018, which he lost.

A series of federal offence and arrests

Pastor Norman Quintero was known for his history of criminal offences and was recently arrested for falsely claiming to be an attorney of law and obtain fees from his clients. As a result, numerous immigrants lost their properties and homes and were forced to foreclosure. He did agree that he was not a licensed attorney and signed an agreement, but cases were still reported after. In addition, in 2012, he was arrested for stalking a female colleague with whom he had an intimate relationship.

Norman Quintero was a respected politician and Pastor, but his long history of federal crimes and wrongdoings led to his arrest and imprisonment.