Famous Ryan Kavanaugh’s Future Plan

Famous Ryan Kavanaugh’s Future Plan

Ryan Kavanaugh is a very successful man. He is a self-made man. He is a businessman, film producer and financier for films as well. He was listed by Forbes as one of the youngest billionaires in the year 2013. Ryan Kavanaugh started first a small firm that was closed due to the attack of September 11. He then went on to work in various businesses. But he always wanted to be his boss. He finally started his own media company, Relativity Media, in 2004. Slowly and steadily, relativity media made its name in the market. It went on to become the third-largest studio in the world. The company handled the entire process involved in a film. This media company did it all by acquiring films, producing the films, developing the films and even distributing films was handled by the company. The company has expanded to even other areas such as the music industry, fashion industry, sports industry and the digital industry. Relativity Media has been part of more than 200 movies. Relativity media has made around $17 billion ok the box office worldwide. Relativity Media has even received many Oscar nominations. The exact number is around 60.

Failure of Relativity Media 

Relativity media become a very successful company in Hollywood. It, along with films, also expanded to the television industry. Relativity media even collaborated with Netflix. Then in 2015, the company filed for bankruptcy. This was followed by Ryan Kavanaugh leaving the post of chief executive officer of the company in 2016. Soon after, in 2016, the company came out of bankruptcy. In 2018 the company again filed for bankruptcy. The studio for the company is still open and not closed. A new company name UltraV Holdings, is the operating name for the studio. All this all lead to changes in Ryan’s life.

Ryan Kavanaugh ventured into various things after that. In 2019 he acquired the application Thriller with Bobby Sarnevesht. The application was not much back then. But recently, the application Thriller has gained immense popularity and is known worldwide. The application has become so successful that it will soon be going public. A rough estimation of around $5 billion is expected for its direct listing. Ryan Kavanaugh is backing the application fully. Relativity media company may have shut after the successful run, but Ryan did not give up still and is continuing to gain success via other ventures.

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