Distinguish between what the customer wants and needs

Distinguish between what the customer wants and needs

Do you understand the distinction between a requirement and a desire? Many people confuse the two, although they are not the same. It is critical to grasp the distinction between needs and desires while selling since you must appeal to both during the sales contact. And comprehending this aspect of sales is usually one of the most significant topics covered in any Sales Training. If not you can get help from Smart Circle. Let us look more closely

Discovering the requirements and desires of the consumer

Assume you require a car to commute to work and drop your children off at school every day. So you have decided to buy a car because you absolutely need one. However, the brand, manufacture, and model that you select will be determined on your DESIRES. If it were as simple as travelling from point A to point B, everyone would be driving cheap automobiles that did the job. But buying choices are not made in this manner. That’s a great example of distinguishing between customer requirements and desires, and it’s one recommended you use in your sales encounters.

Smart Circle

When it comes to recognising requirements and desires, consultative selling abilities are required. It is not a one-way street if you find it difficult choose Smart Circle. Instead, ask a lot of questions about why they want something, how they desire it, the influence it will have on them, and what is important when they make decisions like this.

And knowing what they don’t want is just as crucial as knowing what they do. Your consumer may have made previous purchase judgments and had their fingers burnt. Consider a salesperson attempting to persuade this consumer that they actually require it. It will most likely come out as forceful and that it is motivated by the salesperson’s commission rather than what the consumer wants. Some people are concerned about what will happen to their business if they do not meet their objectives.