Bitcoin Price in India (INR)

Bitcoin Price in India (INR)

Bitcoin is electronic money, so there are no coins otherwise physical notes. It is decentralized: no authority plus no government rules over Bitcoin, it belongs to no one. Bitcoin (1 btc to inr ) is transferable on the internet between two persons without going over a third authority: it is a peer to peer. It has no geographic restrictions, caps or clauses whatever.

Price of Bitcoin (BTC) in India: Why BTC price is increasing

The June rally of Bitcoin has once again revealed why no other cryptocurrency might ever come close to being as good an asset the BTC is. Whereas there might be multiple reasons why Bitcoin prices are continually rising, counting the long-standing price blocking being a minor one, we studied the main ones and found a good prospect of the market continues this way.

Bitcoin reward


For blockchain technology-based companies, it means the world. No wonder Facebook has a clear goal with Libra, the main one being banking the 1.7 billion unbanked people. What is sufficient to even a layman is that Libra will push up cryptocurrency adoption, which is one of the causes why Bitcoin is seeing a rapid however stable cost growth at present.

Another cause why BTC is right on fire is Donald Trump once again locking horns with the Chinese dragon. The president of the United States, Donald Trump has imposed 25% on Chinese imports worth about $200 billion. This caused a huge wave of uncertainty among stock traders, who ended up dumping their stocks plus investing in digital gold by the intent of hedging.


A third issue behind the BTC value jump is Bitcoin reward halving, which is about 9 months away. The halving would decrease the mining reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC, therefore creating a scarcity in the amount of BTC (1 btc to inr ). As a result, demand raises. The last time reward halving happened in 2016, BTC price had a noteworthy rising rally.