Applications Of Clinc Ai Conversational Technology In Daily Life

Applications Of Clinc Ai Conversational Technology In Daily Life

The mission of Clinc is to enable access to knowledge across every type of industrial, commercial, business, and financial applications by using conversational AI. The technologies they use to stand out for their academic foundation. The technological platform takes the outliers in the paper as errors to improve the robustness of the model.

Conversational AI

Applications of Conversational AI

These are the following application provided:

  • Call centers- The system handles basic requests from the customers such as address updating, payment of the bill, locating, or outage reporting. It takes days to get started. A chatbot is built that will help in finding answers to the queries.
  • Auto- Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) is a path towards autonomy. The vehicles using this technology have not even tried the features. The speech-based interface for conversation is used between driver and customer service provider.
  • Drive-Thru- Nowadays, many people prefer to take food from outside the fast-food joints rather than sitting in and eating, especially due to the pandemic. This system increases sales and increases the speed and accuracy of operators of fast food. The customers have to talk or place an order.
  • Gaming- In the complex games of role-playing, it is difficult to figure out the change of spells in the middle of the game. Players can tell what they want, and they provide you the information as if the player is having a natural conversation.
  • Healthcare- If there is a finance problem and due to this, many bad things can happen in finance. The use case of Clinc is used to provide speech communication to help people solve their problems.


The platform was initially skeptical about the chatbot viability. The conversational interface is useless if it is frustrating for the users. The technology should be interactive in a normal way without speaking to the third person. Sometimes in finance, it’s hard to understand what people are saying, but the algorithms trained by the experts are built to provide natural conversation through AI. Technology is growing and gaining people’s trust.