Advantages and fundamental principles of hydroponic cultivation

Advantages and fundamental principles of hydroponic cultivation

Hydroponics – or hydroponic cultivation – can be used by a large group of people: plant lovers, professional plant collectors (discover the guide to orchid cultivation here where there is the chapter dedicated to hydroponics ), growers small and large greenhouses, horticultural companies, research centers, etc.

Among the main advantages of hydroponics we find:

optimal use of the genetic potential of plants

better control of their nutrition

visible improvement in quantity and production

a significant shortening of the growing time for many plants

passage of time

more efficient use of space

great savings in fertilizer and water (given its growing scarcity)

total absence of herbicides

Here you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics and aeroponics and the main differences  hydroponic equipments canada.

Good or bad results

Like all things , hydroponics can have good or bad results , depending on the people who use it and their goals:

It can be used to produce poor tasting tomatoes or fragrance-free roses. But by using the right nutrients,  it can produce plants with high nutritional value and bursting with aroma and taste . Hydroponics can be polluting when used with glass wool or in conditions where there is waste water. But it can be used ecologically in respect of the environment, it can feed a large portion of the planet’s population and allow third world peoples to feed, even if the soil is poor and water is scarce.

Can hydroponics be called organic?

The answer is no. The mere fact that they are grown without land prevents an organic denomination. Similarly for fertilizers. There is no fully organic fertilizer for hydroponics. But it is certain that there are fertilizers made in a targeted way that do not leave heavy metals in the soil or toxic agents.

In some third world regions , volunteer groups are teaching populations to use hydroponicsand to produce fertilizers from their household waste. In the USA for more than 25 years these techniques have been used for small productions for balconies, patios, apartment rooms. You can have mini-modules from a single plant or for an entire kitchen.

Hydroponics is not done to save time or maintenance, but rather to maximize results . Of course, hydroponics can be irreconcilable with someone. Some will see it as a fad . Others will be curious, amused or interested. Whatever your reaction, do not hesitate to contact us to give us your opinion or just to get information.