Why do countries block TV channels from abroad?

Why do countries block TV channels from abroad?

In this era of friendly international relations, watching or streaming content from a different country remains difficult. Even shows from Discovery, BBC, and sports channels remain inaccessible in some countries. Audiences have no other option but to visit sites like 123movies to watch their favorite shows. There are several reasons for these restrictions. Here’s a look at some of the crucial ones.


Censorship is one of the common reasons behind the unavailability of certain content on television and the internet. Politicians often wish to maintain tight control on the content that their citizens can watch. These countries have regulations for streaming sites, and if necessary, administrators ask internet service providers to block websites and apps. Thus, people who often travel abroad encounter restrictions while trying to stream their favorite show. Using a VPN for accessing content is the only option to bypass such censorship.

Copyrights and licensing

Licensing and copyrights related issues are the primary reasons behind content unavailability. Studios and music labels own films, TV shows, songs. So, it is obvious that TV channel and video-streaming sites need to acquire rights from content owners to make it available on their platform.

streaming platforms

Thus, shows and movies that Netflix and Amazon Prime offer in the US may not be available in Europe or Asian countries. The same is the case with songs on Spotify. Streaming platforms need to sign an agreement with studios and licensing groups before using the content. Royalties and other acquiring costs for content differ from one country to the other. Studios seek more money for shows and films that are popular in the region.

Platforms acquire rights and keep the content unreleased

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Hulu, HBO Max, and Tubi are some of the well-known streaming platforms. However, there are several other country-specific streaming apps and websites.

At times, you may feel frustrated after failing to find your favorite TV show or film on any of the popular platforms despite being popular. The chances are that some regional streaming platform has acquired rights for the content for your region but has not made it available for viewing. For example, Disney+ (Hotstar) has streaming rights for The X-Files, but they have not made it available on the platform for audiences in India.

The best way to watch such shows and movies is by visiting sites like 123movies. You can stream superb films and TV shows on the site for free.