What you should know about air leaks

What you should know about air leaks

Compressed air is one of the three most expensive utilities used at your facility. In terms of system leakage, it is also one of the least maintained. Leaks are costly and inefficient, but they are frequently disregarded. Finding and repairing leaks is a simple approach to save money on energy, but it is difficult due to background noise. Why don’t we detect and repair air leaks? Leaks are sometimes seen as an inevitable expense of doing business. Many of us are unaware of the hefty expense of compressed air leakage. Everyone must know Is It Worth It to Fix Compressed Air Leaks?

Air leaks cost you money

Compressed air leaks are still one of the most costly costs in the industrial sector today. Leaks consume energy, but they also contribute to other operational losses. How much air is being squandered? Air leaks are a source of lost energy. If leaks go undetected, an industrial compressed air system can lose up to 40% of its compressor’s power.

The most effective method for locating leaks

SDT’s ultrasonic technology allows you to swiftly and efficiently assess large areas for air leaks. The SDT270 detects high-frequency leak sounds while disregarding low-frequency plant noise. It is important for everyone to know Is It Worth It to Fix Compressed Air Leaks?

How to repair a compressed air leak

Identifying the leaks provides a remedy to the problem. However, only repairing the leaks results in cost and energy savings. Leak detection is merely expenditure if there is no follow-up to guarantee that identified leaks are really addressed.

Program for preventing air leaks

Implementing air leak prevention at your facility is important for saving energy and money. Leak detection that is proactive and well-organized will minimise leaks to 10% or less of system demand.