What are the tanning injections?

What are the tanning injections?

Some people use the melanotan tanning injection to change the color of their skin, but this kind of injections usage found to be illegal in many countries. The synthetic hormone works in your body by stimulating the pigment cells in your skin causing these cells produce more melanin that gives the skin a darker color. The Melanotan is the compound that is used for the tanning injections and it is available in two forms Melanotan I and II which are diluted in the water before being injected in to your skin. Comparing to the Melanotan I the Melanotan 2 has received more demands from the users especially in the north of Ireland, Scotland and England.

Actually, it is a synthetic hormone and it is injected in your skin to encourage the skin color to be darker. The main work of the Melanotan drug is to increase the intensity of pigment melanin in the skin where this pigment is a part of the body that naturally response to the sunlight and increasing levels of the melanin in skin results you to get skin tanning or darkening.

How these Melanin injection works?

Most of the people are using the tanning injection for making the skin color darker and they are all unaware that how tanning injections work in their body. Generally the tanning injections come in two forms namely Melanotan I and II where both type of the tanning injections work by replicating the alpha-melanocytes stimulating hormone in your body. How do tanning injections work? The Melanotan is the tanning injection used by most of the cosmetic specialists for enhancing the skin color. These injections stimulate the alpha-melanocytes hormone present in your skin by making it to increase the production of the melanin in your skin cells. The extra melanin your skin cells generate results in the giving the appearance of darker skin.

What are the tanning injections?

  • Melanotan I tanning injection lasts longer period in your body compared to the Melanotan II before it is broken down by enzymes. The Melanotan I is known as afamelanotide (Medical term), where this injection is used by the people with exceptional genetic disorder occurrence and suffering from the cruel pain when their skin is open to some artificial lights and direct sunlight.
  • Melanotan II tanning injection binds completely with the wider range of the receptors than the Melanotan I and it has shortened life span in your body. It can also cross your blood brain barrier which can exhibits the side effects like fatigue, sexual dysfunction, and appetite loss.

 In which currently Melanotan 2 hormone injection is not used to treat any medical conditions. Both forms of Melanotan hormone drug are unregulated and are often sold illegally on online. If you want to increase your skin color through these Melanotan synthetic hormone injections then you need to purchase it only through online where you won’t be getting in offline medical shops, cosmetic surgerical centers and other facial treatments