Ted Farnsworth: Personal Life and Achievements

Ted Farnsworth: Personal Life and Achievements

Theodore “Ted” Farnsworth is one of the biggest names in the movie industry. He is the man behind the success of Helios and Matheson and MoviePass. And those who are new in the industry view him as the man that they look up to. But who is Ted Farnsworth? And what were his dreams before he became one of the biggest business moguls of his generation? Let’s go and find out.

Farnsworth and his Interest in Business

Unlike the others who have been huge names in this industry, Tred Farnsworth’s dream of success started when he was just a teenager. At 13, he already knew that he wanted to build companies in the future. He shared that his family owned a restaurant, and after they close for the day, he would then open up his chicken wing business. At one time, he made a little bit more than $7,000, and this is when he realized that he wants to be his boss. He will never work for anyone, and that has been the case since then.

The Birth of MoviePass

Ted Farnsworth has always liked businesses that he could build into success. And at such an early age, he started building up businesses in the beverage sector and real estate. Farnsworth also helped brand building, like how he did with RedZone, which became an immediate success. And this led to him making a deal with Helios and Matheson and how he came across with MoviePass.

Moviepass was started in New York City in 2011. For only $9.95 per month, subscribers can have access to unlimited movies using the pass. They can enjoy up to 30 movies per month. And with this, they can push up to a 22% traffic rise at the theaters.

The Future For Ted Farnsworth

Just recently, Ted Farnsworth announced with his Zash Global Media and Entertainment Corp that they are signing a merger agreement to create live-streaming content, video sharing, and distribution and production. Together with Jaeson Ma and Vincent Butta, they are going to make ‘virtual Hollywood.’ Farnsworth believes that Zash will drastically reimagine this generation’s global entertainment marketplace by combining world-class talent, resources, and technology.

If you are one of Ted Farnsworths’ fans, then for sure you would want to know how he rose to success in this industry and how he is keeping up with the changes that are currently happening. And for sure, you would be glad to know that his comeback will happen soon.