Some Reason Why Granite Countertops

Some Reason Why Granite Countertops

You have several options when picking a countertop material for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar. And a vast range of prices. Educating yourself on the opportunities and their costs – both upfront and over time – will be well worth the effort. Our goal is to show you how granite can be a high-value option without being expensive.

Laminate is low-cost countertop material. Laminate countertops are typically constructed of a plastic laminate adhered to a pressed wood surface. Today’s laminate may even imitate the look of actual stone with granite photographs and edges that resemble natural stone surfaces. However, as the cheapest countertop option, laminate has its limitations. Damaged laminate is difficult to repair. Sharp items like knives can nick or gouge laminate, while heat from hot cookware and dishes can bubble or sear it. Because laminate is a veneer, it cannot be buffed. Neither will laminate countertops. Laminate will need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years.

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Then there’s solid surface synthetic. Corian is the most well-known concrete surface countertop. Solid surface countertops are typically made of polymers with flecks of glass, plastic, and other materials for color and pattern. However, unlike natural stone, solid surface countertops are flawless. Because concrete surface countertops may be made to almost any size and shape, long or irregularly shaped surfaces can be covered in one piece. Feelings can be restored if damaged. Solid surface countertops are often considered a step below’ granite in terms of aesthetics. Therefore their cost may surprise you. Solid surface counters start at around $40 per linear foot, more than many granite types!

Quartz countertops are made of ground quartz colored, artificial, and other elements to give them a natural look. But quartz is costly.

Recycled glass countertops are a newer trend. Recycling glass countertops look not only lovely but also feel fantastic! Recycled glass is just that. A broken and ground-used glass of all hues is combined with adhesives and coloring to create unique colors and patterns.

Finally, our personal favorite is granite. Granite is a stunning material. If you walk into a kitchen with granite countertops from the best granite selection, you will notice. Granite shopping is also fun. Visit quarries and showrooms with enormous slabs of granite to find the best one for your home. A large granite slab allows you to see extensive patterns and variances that small samples cannot.