Robert Zackson Brings His Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creativity to Dynamic Star

Robert Zackson Brings His Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creativity to Dynamic Star

Dynamic Star, LLC benefits from the decades of expertise of Brad Zackson, a prominent player in New York City’s real estate development, financing, and management. Zackson, who is renowned for his imaginative approach and “out of the box” thinking to real estate development, has a shown aptitude for seeing market openings and foreseeing emerging design trends. Zackson has contributed to the realization of more than $3 billion in total value since 1992 by working on development projects encompassing 5 million square feet.

Zackson began his work managing and supervising over 45,000 units in the New York region in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Zackson established Dynamic Realty, a company that specializes in cooperative and condominium conversions and resales, during this time. In the New York metropolitan region, he successfully transformed more than 5,000 units into co-ops and condominiums over the course of the following several years.

Zackson now contributes his knowledge to Dynamic Star, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based full-service real estate development, investing, and marketing company. Throughout his career, Zackson has actively participated in guiding challenging real estate projects through all phases of the development process, including investment analysis, purchase, development, management, operations, and marketing and sales. This includes navigating challenging land use, zoning, and underwriting requirements.

Notably, Zackson has a track record of collaborating with regional organizations and governmental bodies. The Singapore Project, a 17,000-unit development for low-income families in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was created by Zackson in close collaboration with the city’s mayor, the housing secretary, and the Inter-Development Bank.  To rezone Biscayne Shores Village, a 1.1 million square foot master-planned community containing residential, retail, commercial, and park space in Miami, Florida, Zackson collaborated closely with local officials.

Why should you make real estate investments?

Within an investor’s portfolio, real estate presents a low-risk, high-return investment opportunity. According to Zackson, there are several benefits to investing in real estate. Here are a few examples:

  • It’s an effective approach to diversify your holdings and reduce risk.
  • A hedge against inflation is real estate.
  • With real estate investments, you may employ leverage (borrowed money), but not with the majority of other investment forms, such as stocks and bonds.
  • When compared to other conventional forms of income return, real estate is appealing. It offers a greater yield than Treasury bonds, which means you will be paid more.
  • Real estate is a great investment that can be readily exchanged.
  • A secure investment that provides a consistent revenue stream is real estate.
  • Tax benefits exist for real estate.
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