Primary Purpose of Using Microsoft Veeam

Primary Purpose of Using Microsoft Veeam

Microsoft Veeam is the data protection software that offers automated backup and replication services, virtual infrastructure management and more. Microsoft Veeam Backup & Replication provides automated backup and replication to protect your virtualized server environment. There are a lot of benefits of using Veeam software, but before we check out the primary purpose, it is important to know What is Microsoft Veeam?

Veeam software includes a native agent for Linux operating systems which allows you to back up individual files as well as complete VM images in minutes without having any additional storage requirements beyond what’s already available on the network file share (NFS).

Technologies used by this software includes

  • Snapshots – The ability to take a point-in-time image of your virtual infrastructure. This allows you to restore your entire environment in case something goes wrong.
  • Full backups – A full backup is taken every hour, which ensures no data is lost due to an interruption in service or otherwise. If a full backup stops working, it can be resumed from where it left off until all files have been copied again.
  • Cloud Connector – It allows you to connect your on-premises vSphere environment with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) for backup/recovery purposes

Veeam also has features such as application protection (which prevents unauthorized access), file level encryption (to secure sensitive information), storage space control (to keep track of how much space each VM takes up) and more!  The goal of Microsoft Veeam is to protect your data, meet compliance standards and reduce costs, all while providing high availability. The latest version may include the enterprise-grade monitoring as well as reporting abilities because of the integration with the Veeam ONE software, it helps to keep the infrastructure and systems running very smoothly because of built-in intelligence.

Veeam software

Features present in Version 7:

  • Proactive management: Get real-time alerts that will resolve data vulnerabilities quickly
  • SLA confidence: Complete reports offer protection and peace of mind
  • Total visibility: Get a single view of Microsoft 365 backup and features

Veeam Backup helps the businesses to streamline the data backup, recovery operations and storage for different applications that includes Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Exchange Online for Business. It allows the organizations to create the data archives over the cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft Azure. Different features of the Veeam Backup include data loss prevention, data storage management, GDPR compliance, remote access, analytics, and much more.