Importance of having the public support – Police Association

Importance of having the public support – Police Association

National police association is found to be the non-profit organization and they work for the protection and lawful enforcement of the police aspirants in protecting them for the disputes. This association mainly works on having the proper protection and safeguard of the lawful enforcement police officers injured and affected by the public in any protests. For example, if the employees of particular industry doing any protest for the need of salary increment and other benefits then the industry asks for the police force to control the employees. In such cases the police force aspirants will be getting injured or wounded in the clash of the employee’s activities of fighting.

In order to protect the police force the government has formed a set of senior police officer to form the national police association department where they mainly focus on protecting the lawful police force from being wounded or hurt in the fighting. So, the national police association has recently conducted their first educational campaign to inform the dangers of fleeing, fighting or other kinds of refusing to fulfil with the legal orders of the police officers. As a result of this the police association department has urges the public to assist in the reduction of the officer to use the police force by cooperating with the lawful orders so that they will not be getting any harm or injury from the public.

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How public can help the use of police force

  • The public can help the prevent use of force by using the police officers as each year thousands of police officers are required to take in-charge of particular lawful force to overcome with the non-compliances.
  • There happens wide variety of encounters in which these encounters results over 50,000 police officers has been assaulted on the duty time and some of the officer are found to be injured and even some have been die in the encounters.
  • These national police association police forces are used at the time of the protest when someone does not comply with the lawful orders or this police force used for controlling the action of the people involved in protest.

If any one feels that they have been rudely treated by a police officer at the time of seeking for the legal resolution then they can file the case against the officer once the encounter is concluded.