Importance of dance and dressing

Importance of dance and dressing

The salsa is one of the dancing couple more in vogue within the genre of Caribbean-like dances. As the name suggests, it is generally danced to the notes of the musical genre of the same name, even if it is not an obligation. As for any practice, even the salsa to be practised at its best requires the right clothing like latin dance dresses with which to feel comfortable and which should not give impediments during the various stages of dance.

latin dance dresses

The shoe, whether for women or men, must have a small heel: for women, it ranges from four to eight centimetres, for men between three and four centimetres. Plus, it doesn’t have to be subtle. Above all, however, the shoe must be comfortable and not give you particular annoyances. In this regard, the best solution is to go to specialized stores where, in addition to being best advised, you will have the opportunity to try on the shoe directly. Also, before going to dance, the advice one can give you is to wear it a little before using it, perhaps when you are at home so that the shoe takes the shape of your foot and this practice helps you a lot in the future.

Men’s clothing

As for men’s clothing, the man wears rather classic and simple clothing. Elegant but comfortable trousers and a preferably breathable shirt will suffice. If desired, a belt can be worn. As for the chromatic choice, free rein to the imagination, with the only care to agree with the dance partner to be a companion in the choice. If it is a simple workout, on the other hand, even a simple suit and not strict exhibition clothing can be fine.

Women’s clothing

For women, however, the choice is quite colourful. You can go from a short dress to a longer one. What is fundamental, however, is that it is made of a light fabric: they practice dance almost always indoors, in fact, they will tend to sweat a lot. Another factor not to be underestimated is the rhinestones and sequins, since, with the typical movements of the sauce, these will give the movements something more, also helped by the play of light. Also in this case, if it is a workout, sports leggings and a tank top or a top are welcome, the important thing is that the clothing does not prevent you from moving.



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