How important is marketing to a business?

How important is marketing to a business?

Marketing strategies are those techniques and tactics employed by a business to draw customer’s attention and to create an edge over the competitors. It is very much essential for the survival of the business. Businesses are run on the strength of their customer confidence. Once you get the desired reach to your company, the clients take it forward by way of the support they show. Marketing is not an isolated task in your organization. It looks into all aspects of selling and help departments work in coordination with each other. To know the importance of marketing strategies, read about  Alexei Orlov, a renowned name in the global marketing arena.

  Importance of marketing strategies:

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  • It helps in developing your product line: With an appropriate marketing strategy, you can identify people who are likely to buy your products and develop them accordingly so that they have good profitability chances. You may have a similar product line as that of your competitor, so it is imperative to have a strategy that presents your product in the best possible way.
  • Establishing a brand image is possible only with marketing tactics. It creates an image in the mind of your customers. Once you create a brand image you have crossed half the well. The customers, by word of mouth help sell your brand after that. Name the product and your brand name comes to the minds of the client.
  • An effective marketing strategy is important to fix the price of your product. When you have tough competition you have to have enough research to know the optimum price for your product. You should not be selling it at a very less price or a very higher one. Marketing strategy helps your business since you know at what price your customers are willing to buy your product or service.
  • When you have diversified your business into various segments, there is a greater need for a systematic marketing game plan. What works for one division may not be the same for the other. In that case, you have to plan well and pick the strategy that best suits each of your business needs.
  • The ultimate goal of your business is increased sales and better turnover. But this is not obtained only by the sales and marketing departments. All the divisions in your enterprise work in coordination to achieve this. So a proper strategy helps in bringing all divisions closer towards the common goal.