Hoop Earrings Come in Famously Eye-Catching Styles

Hoop Earrings Come in Famously Eye-Catching Styles

What are the four main styles or types of sterling silver earrings? While most of us think of hoops as a smooth round loop, there are other equally attractive hoop designs that vigorously compete with traditional silver round earrings in today’s jewelry market. What are these relatively new and intriguing offshoots of traditional circle rings?

Traditional sterling silver hoop earrings

They can be large, very large, medium, small, or tiny, but they are made from a single, round, smooth piece of silver. Silver earrings in any metal create a sexy, carefree and youthful vibe. They usually draw attention to the wearer’s face, and the larger the lasso, the more adventurous the wearer appears. Hoops can be worn wonderfully with any outfit in your wardrobe, but they go especially well with casual wear like jeans and plain or ruffled tops.

Irregular hoops or square rings

Some of these earrings are quite exquisite. They add even more variety to what was an almost infinite variety of styles and designs. These can be wide and thick square hoops, elongated and thin hoops, or any of the millions of other designs devised by jewelry designers. They can be smooth, twisted, or hammered, or round strands can be combined with other types of metals, and crystals and gemstones can be added.

Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings

These earrings are made by attaching a hoop of any shape to a short chain, another hoop, several hoops, or a French hook. These can be traditional hoops, but they can also be silver heart-shaped hoops, French charm hooks, cubic zirconia earrings, or more exotic designs like sterling silver dangling dolphins.

Double and Triple Silver Earrings

These unusual earrings when worn in the main Saiso hoop earrings style are anything but ordinary. They can also be made with hoops of any size and shape, or two or three different sizes, gradually changing in size so that one ring fits perfectly inside the other. They can be polished or textured to suit individual tastes and the personality of the wearer.