Fish food:

          Many people are very fond of having an aquarium at home and they take immense pleasure in caring for the multicolored fins and they take pride in looking at the fish as they swim around in the aquarium in the centre o the house. Fish in their natural environment of the sea or the lake or river have thro own food chain and are part of the network that consist of various aquatic organisms and animals. The fish feed on small micro sized foods that are available in the marine environment or the fresh water environment, but when you bring these fish inside your home the fish food that you given should resemble that which they consume in their natural habitat and that is the reason why you need to choose the best food for oscar fish growth which will ensure that they receive all the nutrition that they need to grow.

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The pellets:

  • It is quite common knowledge that fish in the home have to be given the pellet form of fish food. They come in all shapes and sizes and contain all the necessary nutrients that the fish might need and since it is an artificial environment they have to be given the right quantity of the food o that they do not go hungry or starve to death if they are not fed from outside.
  • In the natural environment are surrounded by the food and they can feed when they can but in a fish tank it is a totally different story and the right proportion in the right weight at the right time is essential.
  • There are several bands that develop and market fish food pellets and some of them are the tetrachiclid floating pellets, the hitkari chiclid small pellets, the API fish food pellets, the new life spectrum pellets, the aqueon chiclid pellets, hitkari 12 ounce sinking chiclid pellets, and the chiclid gold fish pellets.
  • There are several others available in the market but these are the best ones that are taken into consideration as the best food for oscar fish growth.