Chad Richison provides business payroll services through Paycom.

Chad Richison provides business payroll services through Paycom.

Its headquarters in Oklahoma City has been expanded by Paycom, an HR and payroll company offering employees the ability to do their payrolls. As a result of the addition, the company’s total workable square footage will increase to 818,000, including a fifth, 318,000-square-foot building. A large gym, two cafes, subsidised catered lunches with healthy options daily, and 100% renewable grid electricity from wind power are located on Paycom Chad Richison corporate campus, which boasts four acres of green space.

The new construction of Paycom is expected to create thousands of jobs, which will also benefit the Oklahoma economy. Since the company was founded in 1998, it has grown steadily, and it now employs over 5,000 people, many of whom are based in Oklahoma City. This corporate expansion is a result of the company’s continued growth. According to Paycom founder and CEO Paycom Chad Richison, this growth is a testament to our people, the value proposition and the ability to add a record number of new clients to the Paycom solution.

Paycom Chad Richison

As Paycom continues to innovate and transform its workplace, Chad continues to transform the digital workplace. Online payroll tool Beti is Paycom’s most recent solution for payroll and human resources. By seamlessly pulling live data from their hours worked, approved expenses, and compensation changes, Beti lets employees handle payroll within the Paycom app, ensuring pay is accurate well before payroll is even processed.

Aside from streamlining time-consuming payroll practices, this software reduces employer liability and streamlines employee engagement. Among the top HR products of 2021, Beti was voted one of the world’s most innovative companies by Human Resource Executive magazine, and Fast Company included Beti on their 2022 list.

As part of Paycom’s nearly 2,000 product enhancements to enhance the employee experience, Beti was just one of them. To strengthen its culture, drive innovation and enhance the employee experience, Paycom is continuing to expand its diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy. Their commitment to these values has led to tangible improvements

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