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Brief information about the Popular Channels of TheSoul Publishing Company

Brief information about the Popular Channels of TheSoul Publishing Company

One of the most popular digital studios TheSoul Publishing delivers the best outcome through posting innovative and original video content on various available platforms. This company has gained the name as the first publisher to reach a hundred billion views in the specified the year 2021. They are the top video content creators that attracted more audiences through different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. They have strong collaboration and relationships with all these platforms for smooth running and to provide hassle-free outcomes to the audiences. The company holds different top-ranked channels that include, 5-minute crafts, Avocado couple, Bright Side, slick slime sam, etc., Among these, the 5 minutes crafts attracted the many and reached the most views in a quick time. On all the platforms the company created a strong positive impression by providing the required and quality information through the videos along with the attractive animation. The company is identified as the successful one based on its channels. Let us see some of their channels and their specialties briefly.

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5 Minute Crafts: This is the most-watched do-it-yourself channel in the world performing under TheSoul Publishing company. All the videos available on the channel are fun as well as creative that surely will ignite the fire in the viewer’s mind. This channel currently operates in nineteen languages and this is the one that received more than ten billion views in the pandemic year 2020.

Avocado Couple: Through this channel, the viewers will enjoy the hilarious moments of the Ava and cado couple. All kinds of fun will be guaranteed while spending time with it.

Bright Side: This is a channel that has narrated videos in a wide variety of sections. The viewers can find the videos related to the travel, gadgets introduced, and even self-improvement. The specialty of this channel is its brain-stimulating content which gained more attention.