Baking Tool Must-Haves Every Baker Needs To Own

Baking Tool Must-Haves Every Baker Needs To Own

If you are planning to start your own baking business, it is vital that you know the most important tools that you need to have. The good these days is that these tools are now very accessible to purchase online. For example, oven racks which are very essential for proofing or cooling your baked goods can now be bought online. So if this is what you are looking for, then here’s a list of tools that every new baker needs to the owner based on what professional bakers suggest.

Stainless Steel Bowls

These bowls are used for about everything. It is best that you invest in a high-quality stainless steel bowl set because they are sturdier and more durable. They are thick but lightweight which is perfect for baking. It is easier to move around and pour when you are done mixing the recipe and ready to bake them.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

It s vital that you purchase measuring cups and spoons from a cooking store. They will let you quickly and accurately measure the ingredients being asked in your recipe. The measure spoons and cups are used to measure the exact amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry. They can be made of plastic, metal, or glass.

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Digital Kitchen Scale

Another must-have for your kitchen when baking is the digital kitchen scale. Unlike cooking where you can work around with the ingredients, baking requires precision when it comes to the ingredients. In fact, many bakers prefer to use them over measuring cups.

Tapered Rolling Pin

When baking, it might call for the dough to be rolled. So it would be best to invest in a tapered French pin which is perfect for rotating around your thinner pie crusts or cookie dough. They are also best when used on cold and sturdier doughs when making bread or biscuits.

Cooling Racks

Wire racks or oven racks are used to let air circulate when cooling down freshly baked goods. This will prevent them from getting soggy due to condensation. You can choose from parallel or grid type racks. But usually, the ones with tight grids are the best to prevent them from breaking or falling through.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are still more tools that you need to have in your kitchen. From spatulas, serrated knife, baking mats, pastry bags, and so on. It is vital that you know the basic tools that you need if you want to start baking, whether for fun or as a career.