All you need to know about Beyond A Word

All you need to know about Beyond A Word

Nowadays, everyone prefers to gift a personalised item to their loved ones on every occasion. However, deciding on the personalised item that a person wants to give to their loved one can be tricky. And if you are among those who love personalised word art items to gift your loved ones, then you may not find a lot of platforms that can provide you with the best quality at the best reasonable prices.

If you are living in Australia, then there might be a chance that you have heard of the platform named Beyond A Word which not only provides you with the personalised and customised Word art but also gives you a lot of other personalised gift items options as well as per the occasions or as per the recipients. Well, it is not only about the word out there are a lot of other things that you can find on this particular platform which we will be discussing in the article.

Personalised Artwork

Things that you can easily find and search and filter on Beyond A Word website

Well if you will land on the website you can easily see three options for filters which are a special occasion, recipient, create a personalised award that. If you want a personalised gift for a special occasion then you can obviously visit the section and find out what suits you the best. You can customise all the things that are available in all the sections.

There might be a chance that you might want to get the ideas of your gift for a particular recipient, then for this case, you can filter out the gift items using the recipient option that you want.

Next comes to create a personalised word out option under this there is numerous word art present which is marvellous and you can choose any one of them as per your requirement and as per your receiver. The word outs are quite unique that you may not find on other websites.

Well, this was a glimpse about what all are the things that they sell but talking about the prices that they take for the things are quite simple and reasonable as they charge on what you want to print and the size of the canvas along with the paper and frame that you want. Apart from the normal charges they also take a delivery fee which is of flat $15 and since they are located in Australia so they do there a delivery in Australia and also in UK.