Alexei Orlov – the CEO of MTM

Alexei Orlov – the CEO of MTM

Moments that Alexei Orlov founded matter (MTM). He is also the Global founder of MTM, a Boutique Holding Group. This man had made his mind firm on starting his business back in 2017 after he was associated with various international business leadership industries and international marketing for more than 20 years. Alexei Orlov has his offices located in various parts of the world, including Milan, London, and Los Angeles. To be precise, the business has a network of highly skilled professionals who work together to deliver accurate brand activation to their clients. They are also indulged in the optimization of media.

Alexei Orlov

Orlov and his professional background

Before starting with MTM, Alexei Orlov used to be the senior adviser to the CEO and Chairman of DAS. Apart from this, he was also the one who handled the brand positional and overall marketing for all the portfolios of the Volkswagen Brands, which were located across Greater China and ASEAN. This dedicated man also has a deep interest in operational leadership powered by dynamic and happy teams.

In addition to this, Alexei used to deal with the commercial excellence of the commercial business for Volkswagen. This was when he was a part of the major executive team. With his proven skills and experience, he was a specialist in global brand strategy, marketing deployment, and operational change management.

All these years have brought him great success in his global marketing career. As far as his achievements were concerned, Orlov was appointed as the director at Avon while he was the youngest executive back then. At Avon Cosmetics Retail Europe, he worked as a marketing director. His passion for communication and branding started when he was a founding member of the Paper chase Retail Group.

Get to know more about Moments that Matter (MTM)

Being a global marketing and communications holding group, Moments that Matter has its own creative companies. These are specialized in social, relevant, cultural, unique strategies, content creation, media deployment, and experience design. Moments that Clients have globally recognized matter because of the work they deliver. Right from professionalism to high standards offered by them, MTM is expanding quickly. It has four major agencies that cater to more than 120 clients all over the world. With the best technologies used by MTM, they help brands reach their peak. The agencies of MT work in the best interest of their customers and consumers.